No. 9 Single


Inching ever closer to the finish line, I am proud to announce the online release of the penultimate, No. 9 Single. It features a revamped track that I began working on in June of 2013, (In the Middle of My) Love Machine b/w the Spanish-language, Capricho Viral.

No. 8 Single


Back in October, I released the No. 8 Single without much fanfare. Of course, in the midst of traveling, touring, and trying to accommodate the demands of my other self’s reality, I failed to announce the release on this, my own website. Please forgive me for the delay…

The No. 8 Single features, the auto-scifi-ographical, Lifelike Future You b/w Over the Rails. You can check out the tracks in the player below, or you can head on over to Bandcamp.

Prior to some major publisher changes, The Portland Phoenix’ Wax Tablet offered these kind words about this single…

“Things you can count on in this life: crushing winters; October surprises (It’s Ebola! Close the borders!!1!); and new singles by A SEVERE JOY. Three years in, you might think of the beguiling pop project by former Spouse frontman José Ayerve as a calculated effort to increase the vocabulary of one man’s desires. One full-length album, eight singles, and numerous body-minded performances in the guise of his masked alter-ego later, that language seems pretty robust. In this latest release, No. 8 Single, “Lifelike Future You” skips along a typical ASJ formula: an innocently-enough opening verse gathering charge, weight, and ballast until, by the time the chorus hits—with Jose crooning on about “illegible lines, super tight signs, treble-like rain”—the song takes flight. And the B-side, the sub-three-minute “Over the Rails,” shines even brighter, Ayerve’s coyness do-si-do-ing with his courage (“Over the rails / Hot on our tails / I know I’m not the prettiest one but I don’t always fail / I haven’t felt a feeling this strong since before I could tell”). Mask or no, this guy’s got nothing to hide. Hear the whole catalog at”

“Coming Off the Tracks” Featured in Episode 20 of Ragged Isle


Being an artist who is often obsessed with infiltrating alternate realities, my enthusiasm is easy to pique with stories and ideas that stretch, challenge, and massage the imagination. I’m particularly fond of other artists who push the limits and penetrate a new layer of fantasy, transforming their imaginations into a highly enjoyable and tangible, sensory experience. Cue Barry Dodd, one of the fine creators of a web series that recently caught my attention. It’s called Ragged Isle and it’s really fantastic. I highly recommend spending 10 or 15 minutes a day catching up on all three seasons of this award-winning, critically acclaimed serial. And I am honored to have one of my songs, “Coming Off the Tracks” appear in a recent episode (#20). You can watch it below, or you can follow this link to start from the beginning. The show features a host of Maine-based actors and performers and I’m proud to be affiliated with this project.

ASJ @ CMJ 10/23/2014 plus No. 7 & No. 8 Singles

asj_july_2012hello folks,

I’ll be performing at this year’s CMJ Music Festival in NYC. It’s been a while since I last performed in the big apple and I’m excited that this time I’ll be joined by two of the lovely dancers from Haus of Paradigm (Bangor, ME) for a 40 minute set at Slake in Manhattan on Thursday, October 23rd. If you’re in the NYC area, we would love for you to come check out this showcase for artists affiliated with Green Room Music Source (Minneapolis, MN). Below are the details for the entire night. If you’re up for it, please consider sticking around for the rest of the show. Spouse will be performing last and since they’re currently on hiatus, their appearance is a rare one.

10/23 – Thursday – Slake, NYC (251 W. 30th St., between 7th & 8th Avenues)
Tickets: $10 Advance/$12 at the Doors 18+ Doors: 7PM
7:30-8:05PM – Mary Mack (comic) (Minneapolis, MN)
8:15-8:50PM – The Cabin Project (Portland, OR)
9:05-9:45PM – A Severe Joy (Portland, ME)
10:00-10:45PM – Alannah McCreedy (Atlanta, GA)
11:00-11:45PM – Jack Grace (NY, NY)
12:00AM- Spouse (Portland, ME)

For those of you in the Portland, Maine area, I’ll be doing a warmup show the night before at Flask! Lounge with my good friends from the other Portland (OR), The Cabin Project.

10/22 – Wednesday – Portland, ME (117 Spring St.)
21+, 9pm, $3-$5(?)
The Cabin Project and ASJ will each be performing two abbreviated sets beginning around 9pm.

UPDATE – No. 7 and No. 8 Singles completed…

If you’ve been following me on Facebook, Soundcloud, or Bandcamp, you know that the No. 7 Single was released earlier this summer. It features two new tracks: “I Miss the Heat of the Sun” b/w “Magic Wand”. You can check those tracks out at any of the previous lists or via the Sounds page on this site.

I recently completed the No. 8 Single and it should be available for download by mid October. Meanwhile, you can stream it here…
It contains the pseudo-autobiographical, “Lifelike Future You” b/w “Over the Rails”.

Enjoy! And as always, thank you for spending some time with me and my music.



ASJ Turns 3: New Video, New Shows, New Tracks…

Well, officially it is springtime in New England. I’m currently in Portland, ME for the three-year anniversary of ASJ’s first performance. For a limited time, you can download the first two full-length albums for free via Bandcamp (just type in 0.00 on the payment screen). And with that, here’s some news…

Back in October of last year, I traveled to Portland, Oregon to make a music video with the folks from Bitch Media for a song I wrote called Start It. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Bitch, they have been publishing a terrific (eponymously named) magazine and website for years. The focus of their work is to provide a feminist response to pop culture. Because they are a nonprofit organization, they rely on subscriptions and donations from their readers, followers, and supporters.

The video was produced by Dawn Jones of Hearts+Sparks Productions. She has made several music videos including one for my good friends, The Cabin Project. Dawn and I found some time to film what would become my new video for the track, Inside Out and Hand Grenades. Check it out and if you enjoy it, please spread the word, share the link, or tell some people about it.

NEW ASJ Single – No. 6 “R”
Earlier this year, I released the next two tracks in my long-running series of singles. If you’ve been following along, you’ll remember that I was initially producing mono singles and releasing them physically as short-run, limited edition plexi-discs. Unfortunately, the artist who had been crafting these suffered some major damage to his lathe machine. Since the machine is essentially a functioning antique, he has not been able to successfully return it to working order and as a result, my process has shifted. Until I have the time and funds to brainstorm a solution, I will be putting out the new material online and in stereo, making the tracks available on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. The No. 6 Single features two new tracks from the upcoming full-length, Cinematesque Part 2. Stephen Quirk of Factory Portland created the artwork and Mark Alan Miller of Sone Lab mastered the tracks.

Somehow, last year, I found a little time to remix a track for one of my favorite groups. They are a band from Chile called Civilbanda. You can check out their latest release here…


April 18th – José Ayerve (solo electric) – SPACE Gallery, Portland, ME
[Note: This is a free campaign event for Shenna Bellows, democratic candidate for Senate. 7pm – FREE (donations welcome)]
May 2nd – A Severe Joy – C Haus – Beloit College, Beloit Wisconsin – w/ Geronimo!

May 3rd – A Severe Joy – Rockford Art Deli – Rockford, IL – w/ Geronimo!, Bloom

May 4th – A Severe Joy – Grumpton Manor – Ann Arbor, WI – w/ Geronimo!, Orphanage

May 10th – José Ayerve/Spouse – St. Lawrence Arts Center, Portland, ME – w/ Spottiswoode & His EnemiesPURCHASE TICKETS
[note: This is a show celebrating the release of Spottiswoode & His Enemies’ new album, English Dream. José Ayerve will be joined by Ken Maiuri and JJ O’Connell on keys and drums respectively.]

May 12th – A Severe Joy – Bunker Brewing Company – Portland, ME w/ Geronimo!

Thanks so much for making it all the way through this email. I’ll leave you with my best wishes to you and yours for a fantastic spring. Here’s a special bonus track – ASJ covering the song, I Hold Her Up by one of my favorite bands, Metal Feathers.

No. 6 Single – Memory Retourniquet b/w Sex on the Beach


It took a little while, but alas, here are the first couple of tracks from the next ASJ album, Cinematesque Part 2. Memory Retourniquet b/w Sex on the Beach. The songs were written, recorded, produced, and mixed by ASJ in the Mobile Womb. They were Mastered in stereo by Mark Alan Miller. Artwork/Design by Stephen Quirk // Factory Portland.

The single is available as a free download from bandcamp or soundcloud


Memory Retourniquet from A SEVERE JOY on Vimeo.

ASJ / Bitch Media / Hearts&Sparks Productions present “Start It” – New Single to Support Feminist Media

asj_start_it_video_screen_captureBitch Magazine in Portland, Oregon to shoot a video for the new single, “Start It“. The track was created in collaboration with Hearts&Sparks Productions as part of the new fundraising campaign for Bitch Media. Bitch Magazine has been in print for a long time and it provides an important avenue for feminist response to pop culture. Like many other media outlets, they now celebrate a strong online presence, though they also boast a strong readership for their print edition of about 80,000 worldwide. This makes it all the more vital that they keep a healthy physical presence. This fundraising campaign is an effort to help close the gap in their annual budget and ensure the longevity of their print publication. Please take a moment to watch the video and consider donating to a really important cause. I thank you for your time and generosity. Cheers, ASJ

ps. When you donate to Bitch, you’ll receive a free download of “Start It”.



Hi folks,

As you can see, there are some changes being made to the website and the information you’ll find here about me, my music, the current status of my recordings, etc. I have some exciting news to share with you but that won’t get posted until the end of the month or early December. A couple of big changes worth noting off the bat: the Sounds page now has both full-length albums available to stream directly from the site. The new Videos page is just for embedded videos, etc. You get the idea. So, hey, whether it’s mere seconds you’re spending with me or a number of minutes, I appreciate you stopping by. Feel free to reach out if you have any inquiries or requests. You can contact me directly via email: aseverejoy at gmail.

And thanks very much to the fine folks at Factory Portland for facilitating the changes and updates to this website.



Cinematesque Part 1 – Released 02/26/2013

ASJ-cinematesque-highToday, “Cinematesque Part 1″ is officially released in digital form.  If you’d like to stream the album, you can do so on Spotify or Bandcamp.  If you feel bold and brave and want to purchase it, you can do so via Bandcamp (and get 9 bonus tracks in the process) or you can get it through iTunes.  In any case, I hope you’ll enjoy the new album, and many thanks to Factory Portland and Nine Mile Records for co-releasing it with me.

So, what’s next?  Will I be performing any shows?  Well, the answer is, not yet.  I hope to get some dates together for the summer, but at the moment, I’m working hard, and catching up on my personal life.  I know that seems like a bogus thing to do in the wake of releasing a new album.  The fact of the matter is, I have some good work lined up which should help me get out a little more, and who knows, maybe I’ll even be able to afford a band to back me up for some live shows this summer?  In the meantime, I’m on an island, somewhere in the Pacific, and I won’t be back on the mainland until June.  I’m living out of a few boxes and a big suitcase for just another week or so, then, I’ll have the new Mobile Womb up and running again so I can get back to work on the next five singles.  Maybe I’ll even learn some new moves and make some new videos between now and then?  I have high hopes.  (I just need to improve my follow-through.)  In the meantime, go listen to the new record and tell your friends what you think.  You can visit me on the Facebook too, if you’d like.  Thanks for your time and your ears.

Be well,